Dots And Boxes Online



Dots and Boxes Online (the first project of Jeghe) is an online game for Android platform, you can play this game with people around the world, the only thing you need is Internet access.

The game has special features enabling players to create an account, uploading a profile picture, play as a guest before creating an account, add malicious users into a blacklist, chat with other players, ...

The app is compatible with all phones and tablets running Android 2.1 and up



Dots and Boxes is one of the popular old games. Each player takes turns to draw a line between two dots, the goal is to create squares by lines. At the end of the game, the player with the most squares wins.

Now you can play this game with people around the world.  “Dots And Boxes Online” is designed just for online using, so you need Internet access to play this game.

This game is also known as Squares, Paddocks, Dots and Dashes.



  • Grid sizes: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6.
  • Create an account to save your achievements.
  • Play as a Guest before creating an account.
  • Ability to add a profile picture.
  • Add users to your Block list.
  • Add users to your Favorites.
  • Online ranking.


Download v1.0.8:

Published: 28 Apr 2013

Developer: Saeed Hosseinpoor


Dowload via Direct Link

Download  from Play Store: 


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